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Helping you use your creative abilities to create a life where you fully experience the intangible desires you want, that’s aligned with your vision.

Freedom exists at the corner of creativity and authenticity

Chalice Nelson, lpc


Jay-Z once said “Pretty, witty, girly, worldly… One who likes to party but come home early.” 

Words that describe me as a human being. Pretty creative, witty with my words, girly (as social standards have defined) in my interest of fashion and home decor and worldly in my desire for social justice. 

I show up just like this as a therapist.  Based in Atlanta, GA, I offer online therapy to clients in Georgia and Florida. I also work with startups in offering psychological expertise through speaking engagements, curated wellness programs and more.

Shared Experiences with Chalice Nelson, LPC

Chalice is kind and gentle. She is an excellent listener and really makes me feel heard. She has a warm and nurturing way about her and I would highly recommend her services.


So far, Chalice has been fundamental in helping me to explore my depression. We have analyzed my behaviors and attitudes in life and - excitingly - developed effective methods to challenge and limit the presence of negativity in my day-to-day existence. I am deeply grateful and really look forward to our sessions.


Chalice has aided my growth tremendously in the time we’ve worked together, I’ll always be grateful to her. Could not think any more highly of her and would recommend her to anyone. She’s the goat.