If you want a present therapist, expect her (he/they) to take vacations so
that when she (he/they) is in session, she (he/they) is completely aware and listening fully.

If you want a nonjudgmental therapist, look at how she challenges you to
expand your current ways of thinking.

If you want a real therapist, expect the mirror to be held up to show you
the pieces of you that you can no longer ignore.

If you want an empathetic therapist, question if you feel understood or if
you feel pitied.

If you want a flexible therapist, understand the concept of compromise.

If you want a balanced therapist, expect her to set boundaries.

If you want a patient therapist, grant grace.

If you want a discerning therapist, know that she will not take on your
healing as her own.

If you want an observant therapist, allow her to see you, fully.

If you want a committed therapist, pay attention to how she cares for herself.

If you want a mindful therapist, accept that she will not force your

If you want a culturally aware therapist, watch how she craves for greater
knowledge than what she knows today.

If you want a well therapist, ask what methods she is utilizing to care for
herself, mentally, spiritually and physically.

If you want a supportive therapist, look at the warmth that is provided to
you during a session.

If you want a self-aware therapist, analyze how she supports you in making
your own decisions.

If you want a powerful therapist, listen to the way she invokes hope within you.

If you want an effective therapist, seek the therapist that is aware of her
abilities and limitations within the profession.

If you want an honest therapist, do not accept any promises or guarantees. 

If you want an innovate therapist, allow space for silence.

If you want an authentic therapist, admire her healthy ego.

If you want a competent therapist, look at her professional, ethical and
personal integrity.

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