Therapy & Coaching services

I work with creatives who want to define the next step in their lives. Sometimes you may feel uncertain about your abilities or question if what you are doing now is aligned with who you define yourself to be. Maybe you feel like an imposter because you are pushing hard to be who others want you to be or you are still trying to determine how you want to show up in this world.   You may even feel like the black sheep within your relationships because  your thought processes differ from those around you at work, at home or in your social circle. Your creative approach to life may not be full accepted by others.

Together, we will discover what your path to freedom is because you deserve show up authentically in all areas of your life! My goal is to help you feel as though you have grown comfort in being your authentic self and to live life on your own terms by developing skills and routines which support you in establishing harmony, happiness and health within life. 

Freedom to Heal // Permission to Elevate